Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'm a perfume everyday kind of person. I can't understand 'unscented'. Even when I was recovering from the stomach flu, I sprayed a little something on to comfort me. Just a little, just for me. I wish I remembered which perfume it was now. Maybe it's better not to remember. That means I didn't develop any bad associations with the scent.

Today I dabbed a little vintage Michelle by Balenciaga parfum on my hand. Just to see how buttery the gardenia was. I want all my gardenias to smell like they've been macerated into melty, unsalted Kerrygold. Mmmmmm. I want them to go on creamy and almost edible. Michelle isn't as voluptuous as I'd like, but she's spiced with something cinnamon-y, so she's that much more gourmand. I want to eat ice cream that tastes as good as this smells.

But I'm taking everyone to the movies today and need to wear something that won't bother any other patrons. White flowers seem to bother people, so I'll go for a soft, comforting layer of Nombril Immense again. Woot! I woke up with Nombril Immense in the crook of my elbow and it smelled so lovely. I want to wear it ALL THE DAYS.

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